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A day in the life of an underaged nymphet


repeat daily for two weeks for weight loss

  1. 100 crunches
  2. 90 jumping jacks
  3. 80 lunges
  4. 70 squats
  5. 60 seconds running in place
  6. 50 second plank
  7. 40 jumping jacks
  8. 30 squats
  9. 20 high knees
  10. 10 push ups
Anonymous said: Could u advise only just top 15 movies, love your blog btw


Sure!  & thank you. :)

1. Lolita (1997)

2.Lolita (1962)

3.Pretty Baby (1978)

4.Hick (2011)

5.Leon: The Professional (1994)

6.Fish Tank (2009)

7.Buffalo ‘66 (1998)

8.Excess Baggage (1997)

9.The Crush (1993) 

10.Stoker (2013)

11.The Night of the Iguana (1964)

12.Wicked (1998)

13.Hounddog (2007) 

14.Grown Up Movie Star (2009)

15. Baby Doll (1956)

Anonymous said: list of nymphet movies???


here, enjoy :))



I miss that awkward first moment of wondering if you’d be pushing it too far if you touched them. Then that exhilarating moment when they take charge and put your hand there.

bye life

When they grab your hand … yesss

It was my very first time in front of the press.  Elvis comforted me by gently taking my hand and assuring me, saying, “It’s gonna be okay, Satnin,” a pet name he called his mother and with which he honored me. —Priscilla Presley